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The shady and the fabulous, alligators, birds of paradise, eccentric billionaires, high heels, Cocain Cowboys, cortaditos, beaches, sun and endless summer.

Between rollerblades and Lamborghinis you never need a winter coat. No matter how ambitious your effort to glam up and dress to impress at the world's largest bad taste party, there’ll always be someone dressed worse than you in unapologetic weirdness.

Amongst all of this thrives a unique and lively art scene with a blend of styles and characters unequalled elsewhere in the world.

With it’s us or naked we pay homage to this charmingly shameless cesspool of insanity called the Magic City.


The inevitable started at a 50% Halloween Store sale with a beautiful mask waving down at me in distinctive Miami fashion. We put the mask on some good friends who were happy to embarrass themselves. And there we had a campaign. I would call this the natal hour of iuon. Everything else is history.


It took us 2 long years of research, testing, designing, setbacks, euphoria, devastation and a season ticket at the local liquor store, until we came up with the perfect garment in quality and style, that is sufficiently divine to justify you not to leave home naked. Ever. again.


The eye-catching, hilariously felliniesque, sliced characters on our tees are the condensed result of years of observing and photographing the inhabitants of this pink vanity-bubblegum-bubble. 

More of this award winning photography here: www.marcschmidtphotography.com 


For softness and durability we have sourced the finest fabric, a long staple cotton sustainably and eco-friendly homegrown in the Southeastern US under the Mississippi sun. Our classic fit with modern silhouettes is balancing simplicity and style. The super soft, lived‑in look and feel with subtle distressing along the neckline and sleeve will turn this into your absolute favorite vintage tee that you'll never want to take off again.


Our design is rooted in sustainable, eco-friendly practices. The garment-dye process for our tees uses low-impact dyes, water-conserving washes and biodegradable fabric softeners. We place great importance on fair, safe & clean workplace conditions.

Packaging & distribution contribute to waste, so we use biodegradable mailer bags for our door to door delivery. Learn more about our Home Compostable mailer bags here: www.betterpackaging.com

We would rather convince with our products than persuade with exuberantly ornated packaging so you don’t have to go naked and can still care about the planet.

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